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The Great Get Together…
June 16th 2017
On June 16th last year Jo Cox MP was killed, Jo's family want as many people as possible to get together over the weekend of 16th - 18th June to prove that we stand united and reject divisive politics, this can be done by simply bringing communities together to celebrate all that unites us.
Here is your chance to become involved locally, as we want Bere Regis to be part of this countrywide celebration of all that is good within our own community.

We as a nation and people locally are facing many terrible things:- the loss of life in the horrendous tower block fire in London , terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. Much political uncertainty.
Many face all sorts of personal battles such as illness, poverty, bereavement.

Today we ask you to come together to celebrate all that is good in our community.
At the Pop In Place "Great Get Together" 10am until 12noon where there will be free refreshments coffee, cakes and free raffle, entertainment and a warm welcome to all who walk through the door.

25th June 2017...

This morning the Pop In Performers presented a cheque to the church wardens for £1,564.24 for the church roof appeal.
Thank you to all of the group who came along to sing at the Service this morning, I’m very proud of you all x

The following letter is from Brendan Cox to all who took part in the Great Get Together…
This weekend was like nothing I could have imagined.
Thank you so much for being part of it, I’m humbled and so incredibly grateful for all that you’ve done.

Together we brought together millions of people for the biggest community celebrations since the Jubilee, and powerfully displayed that we have more in common.
I was sent so many stories of neighbours meeting each other for the first time, old friendships rekindled and cake overload.

It was really uplifting to see all the powerful things that Jo stood for celebrated in such a British way, with all the imagination and spontaneity and downright eccentricity that one would expect.

Perhaps most importantly of all, after being told how divided we are, it was joyful to see thousands upon thousands of photos of people across the country celebrating community and togetherness.
Sometimes we just need an excuse to get together, and when we do, it’s clear that there’s much more that unites us, exactly as Jo said.

As I was about to go to bed on Sunday night, I saw the heartbreaking news that there had been an attack outside a mosque in Finsbury Park.
This hit me personally particularly hard as the Mosque had hosted a get together on Saturday night inspired by Jo, and an amazing number of people from the community were there.
Beyond my sadness and anger, I couldn’t be more proud to have built something with you that shows all terrorists, no matter where their hate comes from, that they will not divide us and we will not cower.

Wherever we go next with The Great Get Together, I know that together we can create a platform to focus on the things we have in common and bring our communities together.
That's a legacy that Jo would have been very proud of.