Pop In Place Archives December 2018

Pop In Place Performers with ‘Breaking News it’s Christmas’….

13th December
Today I can look back over the last few months of Performers realising the wonderful progress that has been made by everyone, especially tiny children who took part in our shows for the first time.
People who have kept going with rehearsals who have faced very difficult times within their own lives and families.
I feel so lucky to have such a fantastic group of adults (friends) who share so many different skills and humour and who help me to make the group a success.
Finally our group holds so much admiration and respect for Paula and Andy, who were in the front row, who have shown so much courage and kindness in the loss of their son Ed by setting up the ‘Ed Kent Trust’ to help other youngsters.

Pop In Place Community Christmas Party….

Thank you to everyone who helped at the Pop In Place Community Christmas Party , what a lovely afternoon happy Christmas everyone.