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Pop In Place Community Shed

There are men sheds popping up all over the UK, it is a place to get people together to help to combat isolation encourage wellbeing and to share skills working on a variety of woodwork projects.
We are currently working with Vitacress to open a shed in Bere Regis it will be open for both men and woman and have special workshop Saturday mornings for youngsters with an appropriate adult.
We will be at the Bere Festival on 30th June  to update on progress and to answer your questions.
In the meantime if you would like to make a donation towards the set up costs of this new initiative or are able to donate wood tools  skill sharing etc in the future  please get in touch with me. 
Alison Bennett 01929 472023
Pop In easter Fun Morning 2019...
19th April 2019
Truly wonderful Easter Event this morning at the Pop In Place thank you to everyone who helped or contributed in any way.
Happy Easter to you all x

Presentation of the British Empire Medal to Alison Bennet...
30th April 2019  2:30pm at the Village Hall
Such a perfect day I'm glad I shared it with you ....
Thank you to everyone who helped today in any way what so ever you are all stars.