How it all began..

On      7th      September      1996      the      Pop      In      Place      opened      its      doors      to      the      community      for      the      first      time. Local      GP      Dr.   Tim      Harley      carried      out      the      official      opening.   To      this      day      he      is      still      totally      supportive   of     the      project.      He      says      that      ‘having      known      the      project      since      it’s      beginning,      I      think      it’s      a   brilliant example of what people can do for each other – and it works! The      idea      was      the      brainchild      of      Alison      Bennett      and      Tina      Elford,      who      between      them      at      the      time   had     nine      small      children.            Together      they      discussed      plans      to      open      a      community      café-type      project   where     everyone      would      be      welcome.      Its      aim      was      to      help      combat      rural      isolation      and      act      as      a   support     network      for      people      within      the      village.      Now      many      years      down      the      line      the      Pop      In      Place   is      still     reaching      out      to      a      great      number      of      people      and      is            an      integral      part      of      village      life.      Over      the   years,      in     order      to      meet      growing      needs,      the      Poppets      Baby      and      Toddler      Group      and      Pipsqueak      Musical      Youth     Group  were  formed.  Today  the  latter group has evolved into the Pop In Performers Group The      Pop      In      Place      Community      Team,      who      are      dedicated      to      running      the      project      and      organising     community      events      that      attract      people      from      far      and   wide,   manage   the   group.   These   special   events enable us to donate much needed funding to various worthy causes. Angela      Jones      took      over      as      Team      Leader      in      April      2005.      She      comments,      "In      the      year      that      I've      taken     over      I      have   found      the      support      of      the      Team      has      been      really      tremendous.      Without      everyone's      help     we      couldn't      do      the      work   we      do.   At      present      we      are      supporting      the      Julia      House      Children's      Hospice     and  we  shall  continue  to  do  our  best  to help and support funding for local charities
© 1996, Pop In Place.
© 1996, Pop In Place.
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